"J.P. Morgan

said, 'I don't

want a lawyer

to tell me

what I cannot do;

I hire him

to tell me what

I can do.'

"That's my job

exactly—to clear the

way for business."

—Jonathan W.







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 A business attorney can help you with contracts and supply agreements. A business lawyer can help you with litigation and laws concerning liability.


Questions You May Be Asking Yourself:

Does my attorney bring broad experience and practical advice to my business?

• Does my attorney take time to understand the nature of my business?

• Is my attorney creative and responsive? Or pedestrian and dogmatic?

• Does my attorney understand that legal fees must be related to value received?

• How do I know if I’m using the best organizational form for my business?

• How can I find out if the tangible assets of my business are properly protected?

• Am I effectively using the intangible assets of my business?

• How do I prevent others from improperly using those intangible assets?

Questions We Have for You:

Has your attorney ever asked you for a performance appraisal?

• Will your attorney meet with you at your place of business?

• Do you promote your goods or services with effective warranties?

• Have you ever signed a contract and then had regrets?

• Have you ever been intimidated by a demand letter from an attorney?

• Is competition free and fair in your industry?

• Is your distribution system ideal for your business?

• Are you satisfied with your supplier arrangements?


To follow up on these and other issues, contact Jonathan W. Romeyn, using the Inquiry Form.